250v 660w light bulb

What kind of bulb for 660W 250V table lamp?

I found an antique-y table lamp at a thrift store. It seems to have newer wiring w/polarized plug. It’s got “Leviton 660W 250V. made in the USA etched upside down at the press in/out switch (the bulb holder).1) What is the maximum wattage bulb can I used w/o causing a fire? Thanks. 2) If you know the max wattage, would a halogen bulb at that wattage be ok?

Thx Ace. The lamp came with a frosted glass oil lamp-style enclosure. No other markings. So probably the 60W should be good. Could I use a 60W halogen “fiesta” style bulb? I am hoping the lamp would light up the room -there is no overhead light in this room -too dark and not much space. I could put on a 110W bulb with a clip-on lamp shade also?

Sorry. I am new at this. This lamp has an open glass enclosure, as ACE stated.

The information etched on the side of the light bulb socket (bulb holder) reflects the maximum wattage (660W) and voltage (250V) that can be handled by the socket, however the wattage limit is dependent upon the style of lamp. Look elseware on the lamp to see if there are any other marking stating the true limit. Lamps with bulbs that are enclosed in a glass globe most commonly have a bulb wattage limit of 60W. Lamps with a cloth, plastic, synthetic, or open glass shade can usually handle higher wattage of 100W, or in some cases as much as 300W. (The wattages given above by no means follow a rule, these are just generalizations based on my observations as an experienced hardware retailer) Using a bulb of higher wattage than recommended by the lamp manufacturer poses a serious risk of fire. My recommendation would be to use a 60W or lower bulb. If you are using the lamp to light a desk this will be more than enough light.

Source(s): Ace Hardware Retailer Mechanical Engineer

250v 660w light bulb

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