3/4 doubled

what is 3/4 teaspoons doubled?

1-1/2 teaspoons is right but how about I throw in a little math lesson so you can figure out future fractions 🙂

3/4+3/4 ( add the numbers on top ) = 6/4 ( now we look and see if we have any whole teaspoons and make it easier to deal with. 6/4-4/4( 4/4 is a whole teaspoon 4 quarters equals a whole whatever you’ve got) so you have one whole teaspoon and 2/4 left over which is equal to 1/2. You make the 2/4s simpler by noticing you have 1- 2 in the top and 2- 2’s on the bottom of your fraction. You get rid of one 2 on the top and one 2 on the bottom.

sorry I”m not more clear but if you play around with your measuring cups and spoons you’ll see some cool combinations. Use water to experiment on if you’re not sure before using real ingredients. Good luck on your cooking project 🙂

3/4 doubled

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