Address name meaning

How do you order online from forever 21? What is “address name”?

Here’s the things you need to fill out.

“Address Name:


First Name:

Last Name:

Address 1:

Address 2 (optional):



ZIP Code:

Phone: “

Can anyone tell me what it wants as address name? I don’t understand it at all. Nothing I put in works, and I have to put something in..? Help?

And obviously I know how to put in my address. But I did that, where it asked for address 1 and/or 2. I’ve tried putting it in the “address name” part too, but it wont work. I’ve never crossed this type of problem with ordering on any other site.

The nickname, and all that isn’t working. I tried using all the info that I signed up with, even my email and it wont accept

Its your nickname that you used to register the account in. Yeah its dumb but once you have one it automatically saves your address and all your information 🙂

Address name meaning

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