Cute girly voicemail greetings

Cute girly voicemail greeting!!!??

I really want a cute girly funny but not too funny voicemail greeting

can you help me?


&& Thanks!(:

I am 16 by the way!

From a Britney spears song lol:

Hey, this is ____, and I’m can’t come to the phone right now, but don’t mind me–You know what to do!

I can’t come to the phone now, so if, well, actually, I can come to the phone now, I mean, like, I’m at the phone now, recording this message, but I’m doing this now, while you’re listening to it later, except for you I guess it’s now, like, when you’re listening to it … now I’m confused … leave a message and I’ll explain later.

Cute girly voicemail greetings

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