Disadvantages of being a freemason

What are the pros and cons of becoming a freemason?


The biggest advantages of become a Freemason are brotherly love, friendship, and emotional support. It has taught me to be a better man and provided me with opportunities to work with my brethren to make the world a better place. Learning the ritual has taught me certain skills that help me in my professional life, like public speaking and memorization. Becoming an officer of the lodge has taught me further skills in that regard, and has helped make me a more responsible person. It is a place where men meet as equals and friends, regardless of color, class, religion, political persuasion, or any other superficial differences. Through Freemasonry, I have made many dear friends that I would otherwise never have met.


The worst thing about Freemasonry is that the meals are very fattening. Seriously.

Source(s): I am a Freemason

Disadvantages of being a freemason

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