Dixie chicks serious

In Pitch Perfect, what did Aubrey mean by “Dixie ᑕнιcκ serious”?

I didn’t get the reference.

The Dixie ᑕнιcκs, at the height of their fame, decided to speak out politically, which caused a MAJOR, Huge backlash against their fan base.

So much so, that radio stations had “Dixie ᑕнιcκ Bon Fires” where fans, or rather ex-fans, were encouraged to burn their Albums, CDS and merchandise. They were boo’ed off stage and some appearances canceled, because of the backlash.

They got all “politically serious”, rather than just playing their hick music.—–and it had serious financial reprecussions from which, some would say, they never really recovered.

Dixie chicks serious

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