Is it spelt ‘dreamt’ or ‘dreampt’?

I also thought it was spelt dreamt but now my friend is insisting its dreampt.

Most spell checkers say that dreampt is wrong but everyone else I’ve asked says they spell it dreampt.

Does anyone actually know?

When I was a kid somehow I picked up ‘dreampt’ as the past tense of ‘dream’ and used it continuously without anyone ever correcting me – until, that is, I got myself a word-processor back in the late 1990s which corrected my ‘dreampt’ to ‘dreamt’. Slightly shocked, I consulted a dictionary to find only ‘dreamt’ and with a shrug have used that ever since… until today when posting a reply on an internet forum, and my ‘dreamt’ sat with a little red line underneath it until I inserted a ‘p’. Aaarghhh ??!! No, actually! I have just looked on a couple of etymological/dictionary websites and have found many quotes from articles where the authors have used ‘dreampt’ and am quite relieved that I can go back to my original spelling without displaying a lack of knowledge of the English language. I always liked the ‘p’ in ‘dreampt’ just as I like the correct plural of ‘roof’ which is ‘rooves’, not ‘roofs’ as everybody pronounces and writes it today…


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