Dressed as a woman by girlfriend

My girlfriend wants me to dress up like a girl.?

She wants the full thing to make me look like an actual girl, not just small dressup or drag. Shaving, Makeup, Clothes, and other. I am sort of reluctant to do this but i love her and she said we will have fun. She wants to go shopping for makeup, clothes, etc. We have some money to spend so that is not a problem. If any girls can help us out that would be great. I am about 5’9″ and 140 pounds. I have dirty blonde hair almost to my neck. If anyone has any ideas to help out like clothing and makeup ideas (links?) please summit them. If anyone has done this before, can you give an idea of what the expirence was like and a picture of the boy afterwards so i know what i’m getting into.

If you’re actually doing this for your girlfriend then I would be asking her about it.

If you’re just using that as an excuse to dress in drag, then don’t make excuses. It’s perfectly okay to try things out and have fun. Just don’t let any crazy Christians catch you.. they might start hitting you with bibles and those things hurt!

Dressed as a woman by girlfriend

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