How many seagrams to get drunk

How many Seagrams escapes will get you drunk?

If your 115 pounds how many will get you drunk

It’s hard to give a straight answer to that question, because a lot of it depends on your:

– alcohol tolerance (if two girls with the same age/height/weight drank that same amount of alcohol, one of them might end up falling down drunk while the other might just feel a mild buzz)

– the time it takes you to drink that amount, the faster you drink it, the drunker it will make you

– empty stomach (drinking on an empty stomach will get you a lot drunker much faster, but it will also increase the chances of you puking, especially if you drink vodka or something equally strong)

Seagram’s Escapes has less alcohol than beer – only 3.2%, when most beers have about 5% alcohol, so it’s about the weakest alcoholic drink you can get. Having said that, it’s hard to guess how much it would take to get you drunk, because you didn’t say your age or how often (if at all) do you drink, but assuming you rarely drink I would say:

– after about 2-3 bottles of Seagram’s Escapes’ you will probably be feeling a buzz

– after 4-5 you will be tipsy (good mood, more outgoing)

– after about 6-7 you will be drunk (stumbling and all that)

Again, it all depends on a combination of the factors I mentioned above. I recommend drinking one bottle at a time and see how you feel about 10 minutes later. If you decide you’re not drunk enough, drink more, but always give it about 10-15 minutes to take effect after each bottle. If you drink too much too quickly without any idea how drunk it will make you – that’s a recipe for disaster. 😉

How many seagrams to get drunk

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