How to flush nyquil out of your system

How do you get nyquil out of your system?

I took some nyquil last night because i’d been feeling sick the last few days and wanted a good nights sleep. Well, now i’m awake and i need to get studying for exams, but i feel all wierd. I think it’s from the nyquil, how do i get this to go away? I’m like tired and can’t focus.

You are tired because you are sick. NyQuil will put you to sleep, but it doesnt let you go into REM sleep, which is deep sleep. At least for me, it does this, causing me to feel even more tired the next day.

Odds are, you are sick, and your body is just feeling the effects. You can get NyQuil out of your system, you just need to let it run its course. Drink lots of fluids, not soda.

How to flush nyquil out of your system

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