Is 39 degrees cold

Is 39 degrees Fahrenheit hot or cold to you?

I am living in Northern Indiana. 39 degrees feels hot to me. My friend living in East Tennessee said on the phone that he was freezing (hello it is -10 here!) So, my question to you is, does 39 feel hot or cold to you?

Uhh, no am not getting Celsius and Fahrenheit mixed up moron. All is in Fahrenheit, no joke.

Burpie, go to Hell… Michigan and see that it really is this cold up North.

I am not thinking Celsius, alI am talking about the weather outside, not indoor temperature.

39 F is very cold. Anything under 60 feels cold. Normal room temp in F is 72 while in C it is about 28. You’re definitely thinking Celsius.

Is 39 degrees cold

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