Is black butler good

Does Black Butler get better? Is it really that good?

So I’m currently up to episode 10 of the first season and honestly I’m barely interested at all, there’s no main plot and it’s mainly a new story with the same characters every episode as if it’s a 600 episode series. I can watch an episode and I won’t be bored it’s just not exactly entertaining either, and it takes a lot of boredom for me to actually bother to watch another episode, rather than watching something else.

Anywho, I’ve seen a lot of amazing anime with a slow start (steins;gate for example) and seeing everyone makes a big fuss about this one I was wondering if it gets better? I hope the big fanbase isn’t just because of yaoi fangirls. I really like the setting and whatnot it’s just the story is lacking, do they develop a main plot eventually?

It does have a slow start and alot of it can be cut out as its useless, but there is a proper story between Ciel and Sebastion and it does get better at end of season 1 when everything makes sence, season 2 is definately better though.

Is black butler good

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