Is deal or no deal rigged

Is Deal or No Deal rigged?

They say that Howie, the Banker, the models, and the producer don’t know what’s in the cases. So who puts the money in the cases to begin with? I feel like the models have an idea what’s in their case because when one of them opens her case, she always makes either a happy facial expression or a sad one, based on the money amount. What I’ve noticed is that she almost always looks straight at the audience and doesn’t look down far enough to really be able to see what’s in the case (I guess the models don’t matter much, though, they don’t really DO anything).

And as for Howie, even if he doesn’t know, what about the way he talks to the contestants? It seems he’s trying to get them not to take the deal (“you’ll only have to open one more case”) because he knows if they keep going they’ll have a better chance of going away with less money.

from when i watched the show.. the models always looked down and also howie normally just tries to get you to not take the deal. so that the game will last longer and be more thrilling for the audience.. if the contestant took the first deal that the banker made.. then the show would be boring wouldn’t it?

Is deal or no deal rigged

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