Metavante corp

Anyone else received a strange check from “Metavante Corporation”?

I oƿє-ṅєd my mail today and was surprised to find a check for $288 made out to me from Metavante Corporation. It lists a PO Box in Sioux Falls, SD and is payable through a bank in Antigo, WI. The check looks extremely real and even has heat-sensitive ink on the back. Not only that, but it has my real bank account number listed on the top left corner! I’ve never heard of these people before, though, and I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. I think I’m gonna take it to the backyard and burn it, but I was wondering if anyone else has received a check like this.

I tried calling the company, and each time they transferred me to the “appropriate department,” I would get the hold music for a bit before the call would get dropped.

I put this post up a long time ago, and people are still responding, which means it’s still happening. I did find out something though (2 yrs ago, so don’t know why I’m just posting this now): If you look at the check REAL close, at an angle, and in the right light, you will see the word “VOID” printed several times. Even though you can barely see it, it’s definitely there. The check is a complete fake. I urge you to take a close look, as well.

Metavante Corporation is a clearing house for the banking industries. I had a check deposited in my checking account in the amount of $500.00. I went to my bank and they could not explain. Further research showed I had sent a check for $500.00 to my niece on 3/9/15. She inadvertently forgot to cash the check and because 90 days had passed it was returned to my checking account by Metavante Corp on 6/10/15. They are a legitimate company returning money that has not been paid out.

Metavante corp

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