Michael vaca i survived

I survived….. Matthew Vaca?

Are there any pictures of him? I survived….. the episode with Brandi and Liz…..

Where Brandi was almost killed, and Liz was murdered

Matthew, whos nickname is Michael Vaca was the killer of Liz, who was walked up the hill of her friends car, and stabbed in the back, and her throat was slit. Brandi, the other girl was forced to drive him to the railroad, where she was strangled, then beaten. Then Matthew took her to the bridge, sexually abused her, and then pushed her off the bridge. She fell into the water and escaped, ending up getting a ride from an off duty police officer. This all happened because they gave a ride to him from Blockbuster (I forget the name of the movie place they went to)

Michael vaca i survived

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