Snapple expiration date

Where is the expiration date on snapple bottles?

Specifically the glass bottles?

All I can find is what looks like a production code. I found something online claiming to help decode the numbers; however, it was no help at all.

Others have claimed snapple does not issue expiration dates. This is outrageous. Despite that, I’ll probably finish this drink since I’m thirsty and do not feel as though I have time to leave my campus again before class.

Sources are, of course, welcome.

How do you find an expiration date on a bottle of Snapple?


In this example the product was made on July 19, 2003.

Example: CT127 19G3 2 06:06

CT127 = Plant where product was manufactured

19 = Calendar date product was manufactured

G = Month* product was manufactured

3 = Year product was manufactured

2 = Shift product was produced on

06:06 = Military time product was manufactured

*Letters indicate months of the year:

A = January B = February

C = March

D = April

E = May

F = June

G = July

H = August

J = September

K = October

L = November

M = December

*Skip letter I.

The shelf life of Snapple Peach Tea is 12 months.

CT779 is the plant

19F2- June 19, 2002 product is over age

19:57- military time.

Snapple expiration date

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