Wanda day

How did wanda day from the 4 non blondes die?

I have tried googling it but i cant find anything?

She was the original drummer from 4 non blondes (“whats up” song fame)

Wanda was high at a party and either fell out of a window or was pushed. She ended up in a wheelchair and had to move back to Utah to live with her mother. She died not long after that, but I m not certain/can t remember the details. We were a couple for a while in Utah, which solidified me not ever having a partner who did drugs ever again. I will say this: she was a brilliant musician, the best drummer in Utah at the time bar none. We met at a cafe we both worked at called 4th and 4th, because of the location at 4th west and 4th south. She was a prep cook by day and drummer by night. Huge reputation for killin it with the drum sticks. Sad story, such a tragic end to an amazing person.

Wanda day

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