What does samage mean

Hells Kitchen – What does ‘samage’ mean?

When Marco Pierre White takes an order he shouts ‘samage’ afterwards and they all reply ‘yes Marco’. Does anyone know what it means?

Thank you Sue H, I meant to say I wasn’t sure of the spelling. Hope you don’t think I’m an ignoramous. Thanks for answering that.

Can’t believe Angus wouldn’t tell us.

The word is SA MARCHE and it’s from the verb Marcher. What it literally means in the Kitchen is On Order/Make one/two or how ever many.

Source(s): My Brother. Who is a top chef and was trained by and is a mate of Marco’s (my claim to fame) and I’ve just texted him for the answer. I’m not that clever and I’ve only got a kitchen because it came with my house !! (hate cooking)

What does samage mean

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