What to wear to trans siberian orchestra

What do I wear to Trans Siberian Orchestra?

I have pretty decent seats, but not SUPER close seats… I know it’s:

A. A Concert

B. An orchestra (kinda)

I’m thinking we dress up, is it too dressy to wear a red floor length dress and a suit for my fiance? Or since it’s not really a full out orchestra dress it down a little bit?

I saw them in Hartford a few weeks ago and I didn’t really see anyone dressed like the other answerer described. There were people dressed casually and there were men who were wearing a nice button-up shirt and nice pants and women that wore a nice blouse and pants. I guess it may depend on where you’re sitting like she said but I wouldn’t know, I never got special seats or anything. Honestly, I wore a jeans and a t-shirt and so did hundreds of other people I saw. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show and have an amazing time!

What to wear to trans siberian orchestra

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