Why is abreva so expensive

why is abreva so expensive?

I use abreva and it is so expensive for a little tube its 18dollars and change and for the same amount, but pump action( i think it give you to much and wastes it) that costs 21 dorras and change. This stuff is so expensive you would think it would work over night or so. Any reason why?

um if you dont know what abreva is why would you try answering it….please dont bother lol

It’s so expensive because it’s the only thing for cold sores proven to make them go away faster. I don’t even bother- I just use Carmex. The cold sore may not go away as quickly, but I didn’t notice a huge improvement using Abreva, either. You’ll notice that if a product is the only thing on the market that does whatever it’s designed to do, they can charge whatever they want for it and people will still pay.

Why is abreva so expensive

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