What is WMV*Match.com doing on my debit card?

I was doing my checkbook right now, and I noticed a site called ‘WMV*Match.com’ on my statement. I’ve never registered at Match.com (I just turned 18 in early May and I still have no interest in even going to that site. Ew) and for some reason, it’s telling me I gave it $30. Then two dates later, it states that it put the money BACK into my account. ….What? What is this site?! I quickly looked it up online and saw that it was a hack site that steals accounts, even in secure shopping areas.

I plan on going to my bank on Monday to report this and see what I can do, but I also want to know more about the site. I heard that people get continuous bank statements from them, demanding money even though they’ve never even contacted them.

Jimmy , WMV Match .Com took 101.00 from my debit card on 04/09/2015 , I cancel the account on 04/08/2015 after 3-days offer free trial. This is fraud plain the noise on your face . Who ever is responsible for this , put the money back on my bank account or else. This is BULL ****!!


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